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Get New Customers: Thousands of consumers everyday browse our site looking for new coupons and deals. If you have a deal or product discount that interest them your likely to pull them to your site and convert a new sale.

Get Votes = More Sales: The more people that mark your coupon or deal as SuperCool, the more
expoure it will get. Top category coupons get 1000,s of hits and front page coupons can get
upwards of 100,000 hits. Think of what this can do to your sales!
Increase Your Conversion Rate: Many consumers online are hesitant to purchase from a new
merchant they haven't ever heard of. A great incentive to get a new consumer to try your service or products is to give them a discount on their first order.

Make Your Coupon Viral: Post your coupon on social platforms like Facebook, Delicious, Twitter,
or Reddit. Before you know it your coupon can go viral get thosands of tweets or other sharing your

Pull Larger Sales per Order: Merchants often offer deals like free shipping with orders over $100. With this offer many consumers will try to meet this free shipping minimum amount to get the free shipping.
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